Sunday, August 10, 2014

Popsugar Must Have July 2014 Unboxing

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My August Popsugar arrived yesterday. I hadn't even gotten the shipping notification for it yet so it was a nice surprise, but it magnifies the fact that I haven't gotten around to reviewing my July box yet. Doh! So here is my July review....finally!

 The Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 per month. If you do a year's subscription, you can get it down to $35.79 per month. You can get $5 off a box by using the coupon code REFER5 -- click here if you'd like to subscribe to Popsugar.

Here's what it looked  like upon arrival.

This is pretty awesome! Definitely one of the best Popsugar boxes I've ever gotten! And I think everything in it is ideal for summer!

So, first off, I was definitely surprised to see a nice big summer hat in my little Popsugar box. And I'm sure the folks at Popsugar were counting on that reaction. This beach hat is foldable and that makes it very packable. I've been the idiot holding a giant beach hat next to my suitcase, so this is very welcome here. It's from Michael Stars and it retails for $48.

The Ziggy salad server from French Bull is next - very cute and colorful. Perfect for serving salad at your summer picnics and barbeques. They retail for $12 and they're charming!

I've been getting lots of little sunscreens in subscription boxes for the summer, but Popsugar stepped it up a notch with a nice big tube if Sum Bum SPF 30 sunscreen and a matching tube of Sum Bum after sun Cool Down lotion.They retail for $20 for the pair and will be very useful.

Just in case you think your beach body needs some help, they also included a jump rope with soft grip handles from TKO. I love the idea of jump ropes because they're easy to pack and can provide a fantastic cardio workout. I actually have several jump ropes, and on occasion, I'll pack one in my suitcase for a trip.....but do I ever use it? Um, no.  Once I used one for about a minute or two in my hotel room, but that's it. I hang my head in shame for my patheticness. Anyway, this jump rope retails for $13. If you can get off your ass and use it, I applaud you. :)

The food in this box was gone within 10 minutes of taking the picture. Dang Toasted Coconut Chips. Yum! I love coconut. My only complaint is that there was barely any  in this bag. It's like that big bag of potato chips with only 15 chips in it. Oh well. They were good. Retail is $3.

I've seen a lot of subscription boxes including paper straws at the moment and while they are pretty and more environmental than plastic straws, they seem a little over-the-top to me and not worth the price. Pretty as they are - seriously, would you pay $7 for these 24 disposable paper straws? I wouldn't.

And the final thing in the box is a bonus item from Revlon. Their Bold Lacquer mascara in blackest black. Revlon seems to be pimping this mascara out all over the place and I  also got it in this month's Beauty Box 5. You can buy it pretty much anywhere for $7.99. I get a lot of mascaras in subscription boxes and I never really notice much of a difference. As long as it doesn't get all clumpy, I really don't care if it's supposed to lengthen or volumize or whatever. They make my lashes darker and fuller -- and pretty much all of them do that. I'm not picky so I don't bother spending much on mascara.

All in all, I loved this box! Yay summer! Who wouldn't love opening the box to see that hat! At $110.99, as usual, the value is great for the purchase price. Honestly, if I could only get one subscription box, this is the one I'd pick. And by the way,  Popsugar just announced their Special Edition Fall Style Box -- it's $100 plus tax and will ship by August 31st. I already ordered mine!

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